Excellent job with the                          manicure/pedicure                                 combo. I would                               recommend Ms. Adams                                 to any of my family/                              friends. She is a                                     spirited and loving                             individual. Thank you for                           being you.
-Gwen                   **************************************
Every time I receive                                 services from Twila I                                    leave with not only                              excellent manicure and                                  or pedicure services...                                 The atmosphere she                            provides is so uplifting.                                    I feel like a new person                             after having seen her.                          Grateful Client - Donna *******************************************************
"Twila the reason I                               appreciate your visits to                         Mother is because she                           needs to be around as                              many believers as she                                can in her last days.                               Thanks," Steve (son of 91                              year old cancer patient                                  in assisted living)           *************************************
"Twila When you do my                              hand and feet. I just feel                               like I'm in heaven."                             Katherine                                                   client living with alzheimer)*************************************
Twila the services you                           provide are so relaxing.                          Curtes (retire client                            recovering from knee                           surgery)*********************************************
Twila I appreciate the                                        way you cared for my Mother.                                                          Julius" (Son of 96                                       year old Mother with                            Huntings Disease)**********************************
Twila, after one Reiki                                       service I slept much better.                                                         John **************************************************
Twila, thank you for                          everything you did for                                  my Mom.                                               Christine (referred by                                  Just 1 Call service) *************************************************
Twila I have never had                                   a pedicure like this before.                          Ruth (retired educator) ******************************************************
Twila your services are                          above standard services                               Kea **************************************************
I was so impressed with                               Twila’s knowledge of nail                             care I’ve started the                                     process of growing my                                  natural nails. With Holistic                             Nail Care Services help, I                              look forward to strong                                 beautiful natural                               fingernails!                                               Treva ************************************************
My experiences                                               (manicures, pedicures,                              reiki) with Twila have                                been extremely pleasant.                         Twila  has a "way" with                                people that is soothing.                               Her demeanor is great.                             She's the BEST. She's                                    a very positive                                    individual and also adept                                 at her skills. I tell all of my                                  friends about her services.                     Donna ***********************************************
My experience with Twila                          was incredible. Not only                              was the pedicure service                    superb, but the                              environment was the                                 best.  I strongly                               recommend her services                                  for anyone who enjoys                               nail care services.                Bob                                                     ******************************************
I enjoyed the time Twila                            devotes to caring for my                            neglected feet after                                having them covered in                                   winter shoes and boots!                                   I also received                                compliments from                              gentlemen  in reference                                    to the choice of polish color.                                                  Stephanie
*******************************************  Assisting Families                        Homecare:     "Roderick is              dependable and on time.                             The CNAs are very                           outgoing,  patient, fast,                               and good                             conversationalists. We                               can always depend on                      Assisting Families."                                         Roy F                  *******************************************  Assisting Families                            Homecare: "The ladies                             were really good                                         and caring. They did                              exactly what they said                               they would do.                                          They were attentive to                                 my wife.  I was very pleased."                                                    Tom R            ******************************************** "Excellent!!! Excellent!!!!                          Superb!!!! I was very                             pleased. I never had any                complaints. Assisting                           Families Homecare would                             be the first place to call                                   if we needed services           again."                                                        Gus M